About Pin & Pop

Boba Fett

In 2011 I discovered Disney’s best kept secret while on vacation with my husband and three boys at Disneyland… Pin Trading. I still remember (and keep in my collection) the Star Wars Vinylmation pins that we traded for. After that we were hooked. We spent the rest of our trip searching and trading, trying to complete the series and discovering new amazing pins along the way.

When the vacation was over, I was disappointed by the realization that pin trading would have to wait until we could get back to Disney, hopefully, in a few years. I even tried buying a few pins on Ebay but it just wasn’t the same magical experience that I had while pin trading with cast members in the park. Discouraged, I let it go...

That is, until our next Disney vacation happened. A few years had passed but the magical experience of pin trading was, again, immediately shared by the entire family. I wasn’t willing to lose it again. :)

That’s really the moment that Pin & Pop was born. My husband and I have been designing and developing web applications professionally for the past 20 years. The hard part was convincing him that our nights and weekends would be better spent building an online pin community with the dream of capturing some of that magic of trading in the park.

What you see today on Pin & Pop is the result of that dream. A combination of countless hours of planning and hard work, a deep love for the magical experience of pin trading and, most importantly, the generous feedback and direction from our amazing pin trading community. We’re happy to share all our work with you and we hope you’ll help us continue to build something magical.

Happy Trading!