13 Reflections of Evil - Mystery Collection - Oogie Boogie - WDW

P&P Pin ID: 24005
Pin Oogie Boogie
Set 13 Reflections of Evil - Mystery Collection
Origin Walt Disney World (WDW)
Edition Limited Release
Release Date 2013-09-13
Original Price $19.95 2 pack
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This pin is part of a 13 pin mystery collection depicting some of Disney's greatest villains released during the 13 Reflections of Evil Event held at WDW. Each box contained 2 mystery pins, one of which was a chaser. There are 13 chasers, bringing the total number of pins in this collection to 26. Edition size of each chaser is 213.
This pin features the non-chaser of Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare before Christmas. The number 13 is embossed in silver in the center of Oogie's mouth.
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