10th Anniversary Up Bottle Cap Set - Grape Soda Cap - MLT

P&P Pin ID: 27992
Pin Grape Soda Cap
Set 10th Anniversary Up Bottle Cap Set
Origin Multiple
Edition Limited Edition 500
Release Date 2019-08-23
Original Price Unknown
Pin Trading DB: 29060
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DS - Pixar Backstage - 10th Anniversary Up Bottle Cap Set - Grape Soda Cap

The spirit of adventure lives on in this limited-edition pin set that celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Disney-Pixar's U.Meticulously designed by Disney Store artists this six-piece collection features Ellie's Soda Pop pins.It includes the charming Grape Soda badge that Ellie gave to Carl which he treasured all his life.Produced in a limited edition of 500 worldwide, these pins will add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to any collection.

Released at the Disney Store at the D23 2019 Expo in Anaheim, California.

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