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Valentine's Day - Star Wars Saga Poster Set #1 - DSJ

P&P Pin ID: 29939
Pin Star Wars Saga Poster Set #1
Series Valentine's Day
Origin Disney Store Japan (DSJ)
Edition Open Edition
Release Date 2019-10-20
Original Price Unknown
SKU 4589489761894
Pin Trading DB: 31887
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Japan - Star Wars Saga Poster Set #1

• This is a box set from Japan, Set B
• Eight pins, each represent the Star Wars Movie Poster
• Phantom Menace, Attack of Clone, Revenge of the SIth, A New Hope, Empire Strike Back, Return of the Jedi, Force Awakens and Last Jedi.
• These pins have the same poster picture as the Disney Employee released 2019
• Back of the pin is stamp with ©&TM Lucasfilm Ltd., INROCK CO., LTD.
• Pin Size- Approx 1.25 x 1 inch each
• Case - 4.75 x 4.50 x .75 inch, it also doubles as a stand
Updated 2020-02-16 19:12:38