12 Months of Magic Movie Posters - Two Weeks Vacation - DS

P&P Pin ID: 32865
Pin Two Weeks Vacation
Set 12 Months of Magic Movie Posters
Origin DisneyStore.com (DS)
Edition Open Edition
Release Date 2002-08-09
Original Price $5.00
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DS - 12 Months of Magic - Movie Poster - Two Weeks Vacation

This pin from the "12 Months of Magic Movie Poster" series features the movie poster from the animated short "Two Weeks Vacation," starring Goofy and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. in Technicolor.

At the top of the pin, Goofy is shown running with a lot of equipment, including fishing poles, golf clubs, a picnic basket, and more.

At the bottom of the pin, Goofy is shown at the side of a road, using a jack to lift his car up so he can change the tire.

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