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Disney Wisdom - Disney Wisdom Starter Pin - DS

P&P Pin ID: 34641
Pin Disney Wisdom Starter Pin
Set Disney Wisdom
Origin (DS)
Edition Limited Release
Release Date 2020-06-20
Original Price $0.00
Pin Tags
Mickey Mouse
Pin Trading DB: 34916
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DS - Disney Wisdom Starter Pin - The Starter Pin is the first pin of the Wisdom Series 2019
This Disney Wisdom starter pin comes free with the purchase of of the pin collector pennant. It features a famous quote by Walt Disney - "It's Kind of Fun to do the Impossible", which is the same quote embroidered on the collector's pennant. The pin is in the shape of a mouse head, with a gold border outline, and black enamel fill. The text is in white and gold.
Updated 2020-07-13 15:58:08