12 Months of Magic - Mickey Mayflower - DS

P&P Pin ID: 35032
Pin Mickey Mayflower
Set 12 Months of Magic
Origin DisneyStore.com (DS)
Edition Open Edition
Release Date 2002-06-22
Original Price $5.00
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Mickey Mouse
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Part of the 12 Month of Magic collection. Here Mickey in the lookout tower of the Mayflower flying a green flag, he’s wearing a pilgrim outfit.On the bottom of the crow’s nest is the word “MAYFLOWER” written in green with gold trim.Mickey is pointing with his left hand and holding a binocular in his right.A white cloud is above him and a seagull/duck with beak open is standing behind him with it left wing point forward like Mickey.The pin is gold trimmed to highlight it.Back of pin 1 pin post, © Disney, and Made in China.
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