102 Dalmatians - McDonald's - 102 Dalmatian - Paw - MISC

P&P Pin ID: 35935
Pin McDonald's - 102 Dalmatian - Paw
Set 102 Dalmatians
Origin Misc - Disney Licensed (MISC)
Edition Limited Release
Release Date 2002-11-01
Original Price $0.00
Pin Trading DB: 36116
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This was present to McDonald employees.It is cut and shaped like a paw.White background with black paw pads.In one of the pads is the golden arches.In the main pad is written “Disney” in white “101” white with black spots, “Dalmatians” in red.Back of pin: 1 pin post, ©Disney and © McDonald’s Corp.
Pin was problem given to the employee Nov 2002
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