Mandalorian Symbols - Mandalorian - Mandalorian Symbols - MISC

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Pin Mandalorian - Mandalorian Symbols
Set Mandalorian Symbols
Origin Misc - Disney Licensed (MISC)
Edition Open Edition
Release Date 2020-11-15
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Star Wars
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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Symbols 4-Piece Enamel Pin Set | Base Metal Pins

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• The Mandalorian 4-Piece Enamel Pin Set, featuring iconic symbols
• This finely crafted metal pin set comes with the following:
• One Rebel Alliance symbol pin
• One Imperial symbol pin
• One Mythosaur skull pin
• One Din Djarin Mudhorn signet pin
• Quality construction: These durable base metal pins feature detailed black enamel inlays and standard clutch backings.
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