1988 Summer Olympics - Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (Judo) - DLR

P&P Pin ID: 3789
Pin Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (Judo)
Set 1988 Summer Olympics
Origin Disneyland Resort (DLR)
Edition Limited Edition 0
Release Date 1988-06-21
Original Price Unknown
Pin Trading DB: 5774
PinPics: 6027
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This pin was released as part of a limited edition set of 30 pins saluting the United States' participation in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

Mickey Mouse, right facing right, bows as he throws Donald Duck over his head in a judo throw.

Both Mickey and Donald wear the traditional white judo outfit with black belt. The rectangular pin's background is red with gold trim, the Olympic rings, and the words "Disneyland Olympic Team Salute 1988 USA," all in gold, located on the left side of the pin.

This pin was given out to guests who entered the parks (at the turnstile).

The back of the pin has a clasp, as it is a brooch-style pin.It says (c) 1988 The Walt Disney Company, Taiwan
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