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Luca - Logo - DS

P&P Pin ID: 43108
Pin Logo
Set Luca
Origin DisneyStore.com (DS)
Edition Limited Edition 200
Release Date 2021-06-09
Original Price Unknown
Pin Trading DB: 42000
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DSSH - Luca - Logo

This round (circle) logo pin for Pixar's 2021 film Luca, features the logo for the movie and Luca and Alberto as sea monsters (pin on pin).They swim in the blue water below the work 'LUCA' and the Italian village.You see a skyline of buildings, roofs in orange, yellow, and brown.'LUCA' is in red and purple.There are clouds, fish and seaweed.

Sold by DSSH only in the 'Luca at Home Premiere Pack' which contained this pin, cookies, candies, Funko Pop!, plush and consessions at home lanyard/movie credentials.)

Limited Edition of 200
DSSH ice cream waffle pattern
Sold on standard DSSH card
Metal / enamel
Just under 2" in diameter
Updated 2021-06-23 12:04:48