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St. Patrick's Day - Kermit Sitting on Top of a Pot of Gold - MLT

PIN & POP ID: 48859
Pin Kermit Sitting on Top of a Pot of Gold
Series St. Patrick's Day
Origin Multiple
Edition Limited Release
Release Date 2022-03-01
Original Price $17.99
SKU 400944915000
FAC 036223-21321
Pin Trading DB: 45184
PinPics: 146936
Thanks to Trader Julie for adding this pin.
Kermit siting on top of a pot of gold. Kermit’s left arm is outstretched with a leprechaun’s hat that is held between his hand and foot. The pot of gold is sitting on some grass with coins that which have overflown the pot. The pot has a center sparkling gold window that states, “St Patrick’s Day 2022”.
Updated 2022-07-18 23:52:29