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66556 - Mirrorverse Series - Maleficent

66556 - Mirrorverse Series - Maleficent

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PIN & POP PIN ID: 66556

Maleficent is a Limited Release pin from the Mirrorverse Series Disney pin series. It was originally released on February 24th, 2023 and was available from Multiple Sources (WDW, DLR, etc.).

Pin features Maleficent and Evil Queen/Old Hag from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

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Pin Maleficent
Series Mirrorverse Series
Origin Multiple
Edition Limited Release
Release Date 2023-02-24
Original Price 17.99
SKU 400954121934
FAC 097667-22196
Pin Tags
Villains Sleeping Beauty Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Maleficent Evil Queen/Old Hag
Pin Trading PTDB 50524
My Pin CentralMPC 181657
Thanks to Geraldine for adding this pin.
Pin Description:
Disney Parks - Mirrorverse - Maleficent

This pin features the villain from Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent. This cut-out pin shows a full body Maleficent in black and purple. She holds her orbed staff. Pin is sculpted.

One in a series. Initial release was 14 character pins.
Updated 2024-04-09 03:01:31