Trade Tokens (5 Pack)
$10 per 5 pack

Trades on PIN & POP cost 1 token per trade to cover the cost of return shipping, trade verification and Trade Protection.


Trade Token FAQ

  • How do Trade Tokens work?

    Trades on PIN & POP cost 1 token* per trade to cover our cost of return shipping, trade verification and Trade Protection. Tokens are only "spent" for successful trades and for a few other situations including:

    • Your original trade was canceled but you accepted a Re-trade offer (subject to availability).
    • You sent in a fake pin but then traded on the Pinocchio Board (subject to availability).
    • You sent in a visibly flawed pin that gets rejected (exception: you disclosed the flaw in your Log Book prior to the trade event).
    • You cancel a trade because you've changed your mind (no visible flaw).

    Tokens will be deducted after pins are shipped and received by PIN & POP for processing. Invoices for a negative token balance may be sent to be paid before completed trades are shipped out from PIN & POP.

    *NOTE: Non-VIP members are required to spend a minimum of 2 tokens per event (when a trade is won). This is satisfied by either making 2 successful trades or spending 2 tokens for a single successful trade.

  • What is Trade Protection?

    Trade Protection is a full service offered by PIN & POP to ensure that:

    1. You receive the pin that you were expecting in the trade.
    2. You receive an authentic pin.
    3. You receive a pin that is in good condition without major flaws.

    We accomplish this is by:

    • Making sure all pins are received before we ship trades.
    • Validating that pins are authentic and in good condition.
    • Taking photos of questionable pins and flawed areas and uploading those you your account for review.

    Think of Trade Protection as your pin escrow. If there is anything unexpected with the trade, you can be confident you won't lose your pin in the process.

  • What if my trade is canceled?

    Tokens will be refunded for canceled trades in the following situations:

    • The other trader's pin is fake and you've rejected the trade.
    • The other trader's pin isn't shipped (either it's missing or they've canceled the trade).
    • The other trader's pin is flawed, it was not previously disclosed and you decided to reject the trade.
    • The other trader's pin is a different pin than was posted on the trade board.

    Tokens will not be refunded if you've decided to accept a Re-trade offer (subject to availability).

  • What is a Re-trade?

    A Re-trade is an offer to trade your pin for a pin from Pin & Pop's collection instead of the orignal trade. It's a second chance for a successful trade.

    subject to availability & limitations

  • What is the Pinocchio Board?

    The Pinocchio Board is a service for traders to trade a fake pin in for a real one. We all have fakes (AKA Scrappers) in our collection and it can be especially disappointing to win a trade on PIN & POP only to find out that your pin isn't authentic.

    Pins on the Pinoccio Board are donated by our awesome community so we may not always have pins available. Also, if you have a pin that you'd like to donate, please send it along with your trades, making sure that it is clearly marked for the Pinocchio Board.

    subject to availability & limitations

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