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59731 - Disney Arcade - The Lion King

PIN & POP PIN ID: 59731

The Lion King is a Limited Edition (LE) 4000 pin from the Disney Arcade Disney pin series. It was originally released on January 17th, 2023 and was available from Multiple Sources (WDW, DLR, etc.).

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Pin The Lion King
Series Disney Arcade
Origin Multiple
Edition Limited Edition 4000
Release Date 2023-01-17
Original Price 19.99
SKU 400953769380
Pin Tags
Lion King
Pin Trading PTDB: 50516
Thanks to bakerybossem for adding this pin.
Pin Description:
DLR/WDW - Disney Arcade - # 1 - Lion King

• Feature Lion King top of the cabinet is brown background with “Disney The Lion King” written on it. Along with a yellow sun and orange flower.
• The rest of the background is black.
• Under the sign has two round speakers.
• Screen has Simba running during the stampede along the bottom of the screen is a yellow-gold banner with “1994” and paw print to the far right.
• Control panel has a red joystick pin on pin and two buttons yellow and orange.
• Under the control panel is Zazu, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa in orange
• Front of the cabinet has on the left is Pumba (black, brown, off white and pink. Gold background and gold circle)
• Center of the front is silver out line for the coin slot which is gray/grey. Text “Insert Coin to PLAY”
• Right of the cabinet has two paw print.
• Has a dangle chain on it is Simba
• Pin of the Month Disney Cluster
• First in the Series
Updated 2023-07-05 06:23:45