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59733 - Disney Arcade - Aladdin

59733 - Disney Arcade - Aladdin

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PIN & POP PIN ID: 59733

Aladdin is a Limited Edition (LE) 4000 pin from the Disney Arcade Disney pin series. It was originally released on February 21st, 2023 and was available from Multiple Sources (WDW, DLR, etc.).

Pin features Magic Carpet, Genie, Aladdin and Abu from Aladdin (movie)

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Pin Aladdin
Series Disney Arcade
Origin Multiple
Edition Limited Edition 4000
Release Date 2023-02-21
Original Price 19.99
SKU 400953769397
FAC FAC-046730-22146
Pin Tags
Aladdin (movie) Magic Carpet Princes Genie Aladdin Abu
Pin Trading PTDB 50798
My Pin CentralMPC 145324
Thanks to bakerybossem for adding this pin.
Pin Description:
DLR/WDW - Disney Arcade - Aladdin

This limited edition pin, the second in the release of Disney Arcade game series, features Aladdin. Genie and Aladdin are pictured on the screen. Genie's tongue is outside, in the shape of stairs, as Aladdin is swinging into the frame. Abu, the magic lamp, and Agrabah are featured on the console.
Updated 2023-11-04 03:52:29