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Enchanted - Enchanted Heart Spinner - MLT

PIN & POP ID: 21748
Pin Enchanted Heart Spinner
Series Enchanted
Origin Multiple
Edition Open Edition
Release Date 2007-10-30
Original Price $8.95
SKU 10906058
Pin Tags
Princesses Enchanted
Pin Trading DB: 3523
PinPics: 57406
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Giselle from Enchanted can transform in the blink of an eye on this open edition pin.
This is a heavy, gold metal pin in the shape of a heart with embossed pink flowers around it. At the bottom of the heart is the Enchanted logo in pink and gold.
In the center of the large heart is a smaller heart that is the spinner element of the pin. On one side is Giselle in her animated form. The reverse side has real-world Giselle as she dances with Robert.

This pin was also released at DLR on 11/23/07 with SKU: 13248626
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