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Goofy - Pacific Wharf Sign - DLR

P&P Pin ID: 32232
Pin Pacific Wharf Sign
Set Goofy
Origin Disneyland Resort (DLR)
Edition Limited Edition 500
Release Date 2009-04-21
Original Price $12.95
Pin Trading DB: 33214
Thanks to PinTradingDB for adding this pin.
Poor Goofy! He is scratching his head, looking a little lost in this limited edition surprise pin

Goofy is in his fisherman's yellow storm jacket and cap with black boots is featured as a pin-on-pin element. Behind him in a large oval are several fish silhouettes of various colors of blue and grey swimming on a light blue background framed by a light purple band almost like a porthole. Some of the fish are swimming out of the frame away from Goofy. The signs depicts are: "Fortune Cookies," "Pacific Wharf Cafe," "Restrooms," "Mission Tortilla Factory," and "Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill."

The Pin may have an error as the DLR/DCA restaurant is "Lucky Fortune Cookery" not "Fortune Cookies.

This pin is part of a collection of pins inspired by signs found through the Disneyland Resort and California Adventure Park
Updated 2020-04-14 01:40:34