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Stylized Supporting Cast - The Emperor's New Groove - MLT

PIN & POP ID: 57375
Pin The Emperor's New Groove
Series Stylized Supporting Cast
Origin Multiple
Edition Open Edition
Release Date 2022-11-01
Original Price $17.99
SKU 400951219542
FAC FAC-046730-22207
Pin Tags
Emperor's New Groove Kronk
Pin Trading DB:
Thanks to Steffen Liebschner for adding this pin.
A stylized illustration of characters from the movie, Emperor's New Groove. This pin features Kronk, Yzma Cat, Chicha, Chaca, Tipo, Bucky the Squirrel, Theme Song Guy, Rudy, and Mata the waitress. The background is shimmering red, gold, blue and white checkered, and dark yellow. Alice In Wonderland #141960 Beauty And The Beast #141959 The Little Mermaid #142520 Peter Pan #142521 Sword In The Stone #142522, Cinderella #141970, The Lion King #147384, Robin Hood #147385, Snow White/Seven Dwarfs #148088, Hercules #149575, Star Wars #149576, Emperor's New Groove #151968, 101 Dalmatians #152259

Back Description
The back is silver with mickey head imprints, has pin trading logo, says "Disney Made In China Fabrique En Chine Hecho En China, Dibuat Di Tiongkok" and FAC #
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