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80049 - Pixie Plush Mystery Collection - Mochi

80049 - Pixie Plush Mystery Collection - Mochi

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PIN & POP PIN ID: 80049

Mochi is an Open Edition pin from the Pixie Plush Mystery Collection Disney pin series. It was originally released on June 1st, 2024 and was available from Multiple Sources (WDW, DLR, etc.).

Pin features Mochi from Big Hero 6

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Pin Mochi
Series Pixie Plush Mystery Collection
Origin Multiple
Edition Open Edition
Release Date 2024-06-01
Original Price 34.99/pouch
Pin Tags
Big Hero 6 Mochi
Pin Trading PTDB
My Pin CentralMPC
Thanks to Brooke Seely for adding this pin.
Pin Description:
One of 16 pins from the PIXIE PLUSH Mystery Pouch series released at Disney parks in June 2024. Each pouch contained five random pins. Each of the shaped pins features a different animated Disney character in cute plushie form, complete with seam stitches.

Characters in this series include Koda from Brother Bear, Meeko from Pocahontas, Scrump from Lilo and Stitch, Ray from Princess and the Frog, Morph from Treasure Planet, Mushu from Mulan, Sebastian from Little Mermaid, Gus from Cinderella, Bolt, Pascal from Tangled, Abu from Aladdin, Pumbaa from Lion King, Mochi from Big Hero 6, Pegasus from Hercules, Chicken Little, and Oliver from Oliver & Company.
Updated 2024-07-18 16:20:57