Trade Arcade : What To Expect

What to expect at Trade Arcade

“PIN & POP makes pin trading online easy and way less risky. I have found 25 ISOs and made over 130 trades and not one has been a scrapper or a fake! The online database also helps me keep track of the pins I have and others I would love to have. I look forward to each online event!”

Kimberly K.
  1. 1 Week before TA starts
    1. V.I.P. Members list their traders

      Every V.I.P. Member gets their own virtual trade table to list 50 pins from their collection. We'll show recommendations on which pins to list based on other traders have in their ISO list.

    2. V.I.P. Members get an early peek

      While listing pins, V.I.P. Members also get the opportunity to browse all the tables to see what other V.I.P.s are listing. If they find anything they like, they can save it to their Watchlist and quickly get back to them and make offers after the event starts.

    3. General Attendees should get ready

      General attendees should get all of their Traders and ISOs added to their collection. It's easy to forget if you've previously already traded a pin so double check you still have it before you add it to your collection.

      Be sure to grab some Trade Tokens to be able to make trade offers during the event. Trade Tokens are only spent after the trades are successful and the pins are shipped but you will need at least 1 token in your account to make offers.

  2. 2 Hours before TA starts
    1. V.I.P. Members trade early

      Starting 2 hours before the event starts, V.I.P. Members can start making offers on other V.I.P. Members' pins. This gives them a head start on the event and allows them to get some trades in before the event starts.

  3. When TA starts
    1. General Attendees get access to the tables

      General Attendees can browse all the tables and see what pins are available for trade. Trade offers can be made at this time or listed pins can be saved to a Watchlist so offers can be made later.

    2. Make trade offers

      To increase opportunities to win the trade, traders can offer as many pins as they want but only a single pin can be accepted for the trade. Also, our Trade Match will show you which of your pins are in the trader's ISOs/Grails collection.

      Additionally, table listers can share their interests to make it easier for relevant offers to be made.

    3. Win prizes

      Throughout the event, we'll be playing games and giving away prizes. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to participate.

    4. (note) V.I.P. Members can also make offers with the same pins that are listed on their virtual trade table. The pin will only be traded once and will be automatically removed from any offers or from the table if the trade is accepted.

  4. When TA ends
    1. Trade deadline

      V.I.P. Members have 24 hours to accept or decline any remaining offers before the system auto-declines all offers.

  5. Ship your traded pins
    1. Shipping instructions

      To save shipping costs and protect privacy, everyone ships their pins to PIN & POP. Trade Tokens for successful trades will be deducted when we receive the pins and covers the cost of our Trade Protection and return shipping costs.

    2. Shipping deadline

      After all trades are accepted, traders have 2 weeks to enter their tracking number (or make shipping arrangements with PIN & POP) before the system auto-cancels their trades.